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"Poljot" Watches

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Poljot Watches: value out of time

We offer legendary watches of plant "Flight" to sale. Differing in original design and excellent quality, they will become a magnificent gift for the loved one or the business partner. However, it is possible to give such valuable present and himself to carry reminiscence of the whole era on a wrist.

Watches of Poljot of the USSR – unfading history of the country

The faultless mechanism a little brutal design – right signs of that time when this brand arose. Watches of Polet for the first time appeared in 1935, and at once won popularity among high-ranking officials. Owners of this of an accessory powerful literally rejoiced it and advantage.

Today watches of this brand are issued all with the same faultless clockwork, but they weigh much less. The design kept certain historical lines, though became a little more courageous, is more modern, is fresher.

Watches of Poljot is let out by "First Moscow Watches Factory" which and is considered today the leading producer in Russia. He specializes on production of a mechanical clock and chronographs with additional functions.

Sign of faultless quality

Watches of Poljot are made by the USSR for the people preferring modern classics and severity of style. It is pleasant to carry such gift on a hand, it is pleasant to look at it, it is pleasant to hold in hand simply. Any person, having received as a present such watches, it will be pleasantly surprised and pleased.

It is possible to present as a gift a watches of Polet of the legendary producer at the slightest pretext: on anniversary, a wedding celebration, in acknowledgement or for strengthening of business relations. It will be especially pleasant to receive such accessory to the foreign partner as it will be not only the measuring instrument of time, but also a reminder on Russia and its best traditions.

We choose suitable watches Polet, the USSR

We suggest you to get a legendary watch from the proved producer. In assortment of our catalog you will find chronographs in various color scale, shock-proof and waterproof with crystal glass. It is possible to choose also the suitable dial: with the Roman or Arab figures. Also we have models which can fill up the range of collectors. Get watch Polet of the USSR for private use or as a gift to dear people. Tell us if the goods intend for a gift, and we will pack it into a presentable box. Getting such watch on our site, you obtain quality assurances and possibility of long operation of legendary products.

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