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Bells with a pattern

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Presented in this section bells with a pattern, produce, usually made of bronze. They are decorated with enamel or other patterns, mostly plant ornaments. Painted all the bells by hand by experienced graphic designer.
Decorate these same bells colored ornate ribbons that emphasize the beauty of the bell.

Why do I need to buy bells with a pattern
This bell is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, and wedding day. Since, on the basis of people's will, bell symbolized protection from all misfortunes and his ringing banished all evil spirits and bad energy. Therefore, as a gift, he will be particularly relevant for the newlyweds to their new joint house never did things pernicious power, and attended only by love and understanding.
Original author's signature attached bells mouthwatering flavor and its own individual charm. In addition, the bronze bells have beautiful "voice". They are simply created to hang over the front door and ringing modulations announce that the house guests.
Valdai bells is the best fit almost any decor, not a loose while out of the total "band." They will perfectly complement your existing collection of souvenirs.

Advantages of bells:
Great clear coat gift and guardian for your friends, acquaintances and relatives;
-People Who are prone to collecting, could not pass by such beauty and always will gather a collection of bells;
- Author's unique signature of each bell;
- A pleasant chime, which will want to hear again and again;
- Shop bells patterned directly on our website.

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