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Hats made of natural fur

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Probably, if you ask a foreigner what he imagines the Russian people, in response can be heard fairly typical description: "Uh, well, how. On the head fur hat, holding a balalaika, in the eyes - light drunk. "Matryoshka and brown bear foreigner does not mention may hesitate typicality associations. But every nation has a characteristic, peculiar only to him traits. Well, the Russians, whether they like it or not, have to put up with this perception itself a foreign man. Matryoshka and brown bears, yes, this I fully agree, but fur hats, in particular hats with earflaps, which probably refers to in this description, originated a long time ago and, most surprisingly, not in Russia! An interesting fact is that the hats with earflaps are present in the paintings of Renaissance masters, and this alone casts doubt on Russian origin ushanok. For example, the German painter Joachim von Sandrart portrayed in his works hunters in these hats. It is possible that such a popular man with the Association of Russian hats with earflaps caused an increase in the use of their soldiers of the Red Army during the Civil War. It was then that these caps as warmer, better protect against the harsh Russian frosts, and are widely used, replacing the soldiers Budenovka. At that time they were called cap-kolchakovki since they began to use it in the army of Kolchak
If more talk about fur cap as the most representative of bright fur hats, that is to say that most of it was made from fur, sometimes - cloth, at least - combined, fur-carded. Title cap was due to its distinctive and noticeable features - long ears that just saved in severe frosts. Closer to our time, when the world saw the famous tale of the Assumption, they still jokingly called "Cheburashka". This kind of caps used still nomads, as well as the Scythians, Horde warriors and Cossacks, because it is the best fit of wandering and belligerent man comfortable at any temperature, in any weather. Fur cap with ear-flaps, nevertheless, is more popular than her brother cloth or combined. Today, fashion is back on them. Of course, they are converted, but the shape remains the same. Young people prefer stylish options, with fabric inserts, neglecting the fur cap. And for good reason. After all, it looks rich, warm and even somehow archaic, that will give your appearance originality and flair. Buy a hat fur today is not a problem. By the way, as a gift to a relative is also quite good. Large variety of native Russian-style hats ushanok now offers our online store. Not only hats with earflaps can be found here, but also a wide variety of hats made of natural fur, such as "his cap," caps "Submariner", so-called "Muscovites" and luxurious fox hats. Here you can buy the famous hats, hats, also from luxurious fur. This type of headdress was distributed among the Cossacks of Russia, as well as the peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus. As a rule, such a cap was produced only from a doodle or sheepskin. Different people who used to wear hats hats, form of headdress differed. The classic version Russian fur hats - tsilinidricheskaya high hat, while other nations was made to wear hats with flat bottom or else hemispherical in shape. Widespread hats got in the army. For example, in 1940 for the marshals and generals of the Russian troops was officially adopted and approved for use this hat for colonels - in 1943. Initially, the same back in 1875, it was used only to troops serving in Siberia, in 1913, became the official hat headdress of the whole army. Even now, hats are widely used in the Russian army.
Shop fur hats will save you from the tedious searches. It is not so easy to find a quality hat authentic fur. Here you can easily choose the one that is to your liking, and prices are stable, and without any extra charge, you can make an order without leaving home.
After reading this article not only to the male audience will remember these wonderful hats. After all, she is also quite suitable cap with ear-flaps, and some particularly brave - even the hat and "his cap." No wonder the fur cap was the favorite accessory of the legendary Janis Joplin and no less famous actress Elizabeth Taylor. Remember also the "irony" and the inimitable Brylska, sported a cossack hat. Not afraid to show in fur hats and representatives of "blue blood" - Elizabeth II and Duchess Catherine. Purely feminine temptation to be fashionable and beautiful even stronger exhortations animal advocates and possible "tarnished" reputation. Think about what they are at risk for the opportunity to once wear fur. This alone will awaken in you a desire to immediately buy real fur hat, something you risk nothing.

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