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Gzhel figurines

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In this section of our site figurines Gzhel, which can not be absolutely wonderful decoration of any interior. No matter what the style of your home is decorated.
These ceramic figures painted in a traditional style, made and painted by hand. In addition, each of them is the author's work, made in a single copy.
Originally called Gzhel area consisting of 27 villages, which today is part of the Moscow region. It has long been famous for the villages of their pottery skills, as well as the magnificent art of painting pottery. This painting was done exclusively in rich dark blue. Which became a kind of "calling card" of local potters.
Much later, Gzhel ceased to be a proper name, and the name has become a certain style in ceramics and decorative painting.
Gzhel figurines will be a wonderful souvenir for you and your friends. They can be present for a birthday, anniversary or wedding day.
Bright cobalt-painted figure is glazed and fired at high temperature in a special oven. This allows these products for a long time to maintain their aesthetic properties.
You can give a similar figure to anyone. Whether it's your friends, relatives, colleagues or superiors. No one can resist such a surprisingly simple and, at the same time, very finely crafted compositions that convey realistic scenes of popular life.

Benefits figurines Gzhel
-Buy Figure of Gzhel - then add in your home warm and cozy folk arts and crafts;
- The perfect gift for any occasion;
- Original and unique, peculiar beauty.

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