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Glass Holders with gold

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Glass Holders with gold - a real Russian style

Cutlery made antique - beautiful coasters - we are happy to offer you in the pages of this section.

Very often, taking part in a friendly conversation, we find the words that make us certain associations. Hearing the word glass holder, we can not help recalling a pleasant journey on the train. In such a trip accompanied by the sound of wheels conductor supply of tea or coffee in a glass beaker, and always with a glass holder.

In ancient times coasters were an important element of the dining room serving. A simple but important functions glass holders - is to protect the hands from the boiling water, poured into a glass beaker. And this thing is, without exaggeration, was in every home in the pre-revolutionary Russia. But today, in order to please yourself and your loved ones freshly brewed tea, in the long winter evenings or on warm summer days, many families choose this stylish and magnificent dishes.

These different glass holders

Proposed on our site range allows you to choose coasters with gold for every day or for a special occasion. The variety of forms and types of relief each product gives an opportunity to plunge into pleasant memories of events related to this subject.

On the other hand, choosing an original gift, you have a unique opportunity to leave a memory. Having presented a set of coasters with a special relief, you will rejoice unforgettable man and will be able to try this in action cutlery.

Bright decoration coasters with gold can have a variety of topics related to:

secret services;
historical events and symbols;
religious shrines and signs;
entertainment picture.

Picking up the glass holders with gold, it is necessary to think about the fact that this thing to you, a friend or relative will resemble. It should also be noted, however, that to date this table accessory goes into the category of collectibles. That is why they will be a welcome gift for the person collecting historical things.

Buy original glass holders with gold

Make original present to friends, knowing their interests, or to give as a souvenir of foreign visitors, or Russian emigrants as a memory of the Motherland - all this is now so easy! Explore our unique gifts and for sure you will make the decision to purchase. After all, every one of them like a new chapter in the history of Great Russia, where each line - is its symbolism, tradition and glory.

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