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Vostok Watches of plant

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Watches Vostok: new quality of modern times

We bring to your attention a watches of Vostok plant. Some collections offered in our catalog will be ideally suited for the men preferring refinement, chic and elegance. For at whom sense of taste is well developed and style, always there will be something suitable among these models. That popularity of an old Soviet brand is strong and today, it isn't necessary to doubt. Old traditions of quality and new production technologies – here a basis of success of all products of a trademark.

Perfection and quality of production

Watches the East are made known, including at world level, "Chistopol watches factory". New models differ in the modern advanced mechanism and design which absorbed both traditional motives, and an easy raid of the present. These are worthy, powerful and really solid Watches. If you stopped the choice on this brand, it was necessary to decide on model.

Watches Vostok: all possible variations of a modern accessory

At us you can choose models for every taste. For men who appreciate history and respect the Russian traditions, we offer commander Watches "Helicopter" or "Sea aircraft". These models waterproof and shock-proof, with automatic or manual subplant, it is perfectly underlined courage and solidity of the owner.

We presented a gift men's watches with big and average dials, with leather, metal and rubber thongs in bright or classical tones.

The man preferring creativity surely will like watches the East "Moon rover". They are distinguished by a bright red rubber thong and the original dial. In watches 31 ruby stones and they are released by limited circulation.

To whom to present such gift

It is necessary to choose watches the Vostok, considering tastes and preferences of the one to whom they intend. It can be your darling and the loved one, the father, the head or the business partner. It is possible to present such gift for anniversary holidays or in honor and appreciation. Anyway, will be glad to such watches and will accept them with big gratitude.

Getting on our site watch the Vostok, you receive the exact measuring instrument of time and an original refined accessory which will give identity to your image. Buy for yourself or as a gift, and enjoy a worthy solid choice!

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