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Men's Wrist Watches Gift hour Moscow Watch Factory "Glory." The glorious tradition of reliable and popular in the USSR watches of this brand, produced in 1924, was a source of pride and a desire not only to the Soviet people, but also admirers of this brand in many countries around the world. Reliability and accuracy of the clock mechanism has been featured on many Soviet and international exhibitions. A wide range of male and female models hit its diversity and stilizatsiey.V 2007 approved a new charter of the company "Glory" and already after 3 years, the company ceased to exist. At the plant is now planning to build an office center, the apartment that we hope will at least create even indoor museum extinct planet called "Soviet people's watch." Now you have a chance to get a piece of this history on 25 ruby jewels with double calendar week and numeric values. Mineral glass polished with high optical transparency. In the presence of two models of watches: a partially gilded welt protective front cover (the sample is in the photo), and white chrome welt protective front cover. Case diameter of 40 mm. The shell thickness of 11 mm. Hours of collection preserved in excellent working condition.

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