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Watches "Glory" made up of the back cover, protective cover, directly watchcase, dogs spring drum, second, minute and hour hands, dial, hour wheel minute trip, Lock bill wheel transferable wheels, springs, yoke, yoke, the setting lever, the winding shaft, winding trip, claw coupling, the balance of the bridge node balance, balance column assembly, gasket assembly balance bridge pallet fork, pallet fork itself, angrenazhnogo bridge, second wheel, the intermediate wheel and escapement wheel, a large screw drum wheel , of the wheel drum, the drum axle, drum cover and drum shaft of the drum, the spring center wheel of the center wheel bridge, the body frame. And all of this, including leather belt, packed in a gift box can be purchased inexpensively in our store Pickup, by messenger or mail delivery across Russia, with payment on receipt of the order at the post office. Make a great gift for yourself moderately small money.


  • Вес
    60 g

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Watch "Glory"
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