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A magnificent example of gift watches featuring the famous series of nuclear submarines Series 949A "Antey", referred to as "the killer of aircraft carriers." The watch has a 24-hour dial with bright large hour and minute hands, allowing to easily determine the time at night in low light. Protective cap winding mechanism allows the use of the clock in a humid environment. Steel chrome body, sapphire crystal, reliable anti-shock mechanism embodies the idea of the male watches chronometer made an exclusive limited edition. Duration of the period of the movement is not less than 40 hours. Maintaining uniformity of the movement stroke of the plant requires the daily hours ranging from 24 to 36 hours of continuous cycle. The clock will be a perfect gift for the connoisseur of the rich history of the Russian submarine fleet, and as a memory of the legendary missile submarine "Kursk", who died in the Barents Sea, August 12, 2000.

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