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Pocket watch "Troika" Артикул: W4843

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Cheap Pocket Watch "Lightning" with a bas-relief depicting three horses. Traditionally, the image of three horses appeared in the form of images harness in a sleigh or carriage driver, and thus emphasized the artistic way dashing prowess and passion to drive fast. This allegory is projected for the whole of our lives, and now we acknowledge postscript about how fleeting time, or it flies or we harnessed in this golden harness, carrying of a heavy word "necessary". And two hundred years ago, a classic of Russian literature, NV Gogol exclaimed "Oh Rus-three, where you nesёshsya" ... and still no answer ... The artist emphasized the great philosophy of freedom in an allegorical dance free horses. Rate this moment, which is now next to you in the eyes of a loved one, and maybe you could make out the truth of life. Treat yourself with this watch a new look at the splendor and beauty of the world.The watch has a chrome body, organic polished glass, the mechanism with a separate stopwatch scale collected on 15 ruby jewels at Chelyabinsk Watch Factory "Lightning". The kit is attached to the watch factory passport and cardboard factory packaging. If necessary, the clock can be supplied with gift box, worth 320 rubles.

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