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Nickel Silver Rail holder with blackening under the patina of silver.Initially, Saratov appeared on the right bank of the Volga River, just above the modern city. There, at the confluence of the Volga river Guselki formed a cape with a slightly sloping plateau in the center of which was located the "first" Saratov, a fortress designed to protect Russian settlers and the Volga trade route of the nomads. Lay the fortress Saratov magistrates - Prince Grigory Osipovich Zasekin and strelets head Fyodor Tour in July 1590.Holder looks particularly impressive, complete with tea and a glass of crystal carved gift box glossy micro corrugated cardboard bright red with gold embossed etching, worth 100 rubles. Order a glass of tea in the section of our website catalog. The desire to package in a gift box to let the "comments" to the request.

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