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Watches "Rocket guilloche" Артикул: W2787

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Russian mechanical watches men's watches in chromed decorated with black welt on a black leather strap. The watch has the original silver guilloche dial, change the texture and shades of color depending on the angle of illumination. Classic equilateral fonts numeric time values, made in black iridescent colors blend harmoniously with the black arrows reliable clockwork collected on 17 ruby jewels, shockproof node having balance and energodinamichnost stock stroke at one fully wound the clock spring is not less than 36 hours. Accuracy of 20 -40 seconds per day. The size of the watch 33h40 mm. The watch is attached gift box made of laminated corrugated cardboard micro glossy red. Watches are a good inexpensive gift for a connoisseur of rare vintage watches produced in Russia.

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