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Gzhel tableware

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Despite its long history, dishes from Gzhel has not lost its relevance today. It is impossible not to admire this rich blue cobalt painting and specific outlines of all the elements of ceramics.
In addition to the dishes, this section presents the amazing beauty of panels, boxes, clocks and much more.

What you can buy utensils Gzhel
Utensils from Gzhel, especially if you collect themed service or just a set of matching each other cutlery, it will look very impressive and elegant. And look good, these utensils will be like during large family gatherings and noisy feasts, and in everyday life. And in the glass cabinet, composed for a holiday dishes will look like a great decoration for your interior.
Collectors will be just delighted if you give them a set of dishes from Gzhel. They will be happy even separate cutlery, as it is he will be a marvelous addition to the already available-exhibits.
People who love different items of folk arts and crafts will also appreciate such a gift. Perfect tableware from Gzhel and as a souvenir for foreign visitors, as part of the so-called "Russian exotic", a small part of which they can take away to his homeland.
And, of course, not to mention and emphasize the exceptional quality of ceramic products, which are included in this section. Due to the high temperature firing, these utensils will serve you faithfully for many years. Even with their daily use.

Benefits of Gzhel ware:
-Buy Gzhel dishes can be on our website;
- A wonderful gift for any lover of the beautiful;
- A great souvenir for foreign visitors;
- Exceptional quality and functionality.

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