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Wristwatches "DSHB Goats" Артикул: W3568

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Rare mechanical men's watches Air Assault Brigade Special Forces Main Intelligence Directorate. The watch case is made of non-magnetic alloy with a durable chrome finish. Clockwork Ural Watch Factory "Lightning" 15 ruby jewels made with unique shock-host balance and highly accurate stroke in the range of 20 to 40 / day. Contrasting black dial reflects tachometer scale lateral stopwatch and digital gradation hourly values. Steel hands with polished chrome finish are phosphorescent enamel filling, through which you can determine the time in the dark. Energodinamichnost work clockwork, when fully wound spring is a period of not less than 39 hours. The diameter of the watch case 45 mm. The kit is attached to the watch leather strap and special packing box. The clock will be a perfect gift for the man in any memorable day for him.

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