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Wristwatches "Baltic Fleet" Артикул: W3644

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Gorgeous gift for men mechanical wrist watch with reliable clockwork Ural plant "Lightning". Accuracy and reliability of hours that have received wide popularity and recognition of the quality of work will please many lovers of rare watches domestic production. Close dial ivory perfectly reflects tachometer scale lateral stopwatch and large digital time gradation values. Steel hands with polished chrome finish are phosphorescent enamel filling, through which you can determine the time in the dark. Energodinamichnost work clockwork, when fully wound spring is a period of not less than 39 hours. The diameter of the watch is made of non-magnetic alloy with a durable chrome finish, is 45 millimeters. The kit is attached to the watch leather strap with double stitching and silk special packaging box. Bass will present an original gift for a person who served in the Baltic Fleet.

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