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Pocket watch "USSR"
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    70 g

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Rare pocket mechanical watch with a second hand side. Reliable mechanism 15 ruby stones. The watch has a bas-relief image on automatically opens the lid emblem of the USSR. The rear protective cover of the watch is made in the form of nickel-plated locket with a picture of the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin. Anti-magnetic watch case is covered with white polished nickel, provides a beautiful aesthetic appearance, throughout the period of careful exploitation. Watches have a good amplitude accuracy of the clock stroke unit pendulum balance, ensuring accuracy of 20 to 40 sec. / Day .. White dial with gold hands and numeric time values applied in the famous slogan-label fonts beginning of XX century "All Power to the Soviets" autographed VI Lenin. Included with the watch chain with a ring attached and reliable spring rifle, original box and warranty factory passport. The length of steel chain 35cm. Additionally pocket watch USSR famous Chelyabinsk plant "Lightning" can be bought in a gift box with bright colors bardovogo lodgment designed specifically for hours. To do this, in the order comments write about my choice. The cost of the gift box is 200 rubles


  • Вес
    70 g

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Pocket watch "USSR"Pocket watch "USSR"
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