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The original high brass holder with nickel-plated or burnished patina under the silver openwork relief punching and bas-relief of the plot of paintings by famous Russian artists of XIX century Perov "Hunters at Rest." For this work Perov posed his friends. An elderly gentleman, with enthusiasm to tell stories in which he certainly exaggerates several times and his own ingenuity, and the size of the beast they produced, copied from Dr. Kuvshinnikova - the owner of the popular while art salon. For mistrustful hunter, with an ironic smile, listen to your friend, doctor and writer posed Bessonov, one of the closest friends Perov. A prototype of the hero of the third picture, with eager attention catching every word of the narrator, served as a member of the Moscow City Government Nagornov. With all these people the artist often went hunting, and perhaps the idea of painting was born to him during one of the rest stops.You can buy a cup holder complete with crystal glass carved tea and gift box, extra cost of $ 100, its intention to order you can specify in the "Comments" to the order

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