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Astrakhan, located on the right bank of the Volga River, after its defeat Meng-Timur in the late fourteenth century. and in the XV century. remained a small town, is in decline. However, during the first Russian campaign in 1554, Astrakhan was not attached to Russia. In 1556 he took a new campaign that led to the elimination of the Astrakhan Khanate and the inclusion of its territory to Russia. Old Astrakhan right bank was available for attacks - it prompted the Russian government to move the city to the left bank of the Volga. Occupying a new place insularity, Astrakhan was well protected by water boundaries. During the 1582-1589 biennium. It was built a powerful stone fortress which we can admire today.Holder effectively looks complete with a tea cup, made specifically for the cupholders. If necessary, you can choose the optional glass in the catalog of our online store.

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