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Handbell with the handle "Purple" Артикул: H3993

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There is a belief in the need to take the road with a bell. Who thinks that in this way the drivers, tying a bell under the arc, hoping that it will detract from a nap on the way, someone thought that the bell from afar helps inform the driver of the approach, but many were convinced that the bell discourages "evil" force snisposlaniya of trouble in the remote and unexplored path. There was also seen that the bell of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, calling its characteristic low-frequency ringing, contributed to the fact that around the monastery at a distance of several miles all the snakes were not found, despite their abundance in the forests surrounding the monastery.Valdai bronze bell with wooden handle 12 cm. The color scheme of the bell by the customer can be anyone, as well as its size, the varied for the most bells in the range of 20 to 60 mm in diameter. Price position as defined for example represented by the image of a bell diameter of 45 mm.Enjoy the splendor of the overflow of the unique bell-ringing.

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