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Still for a long time in Russia the samovar was the most important attribute of stay and the necessary device for all family. The long tradition began to warm up water by means of a samovar so cult that its began to use not only on direct mission, but also as decoration of the house.
The samovars made in Tula such as Batashev's samovar became especially popular. They were made not only as for water boiling, but also a set of jewelry had means and even admitted national style with drawing portraits and drawings. The majority of them also imenita were so popular that the stamping of medals which they were awarded was applied on them. On them it was possible to judge quality and reliability.
According to many historians, such device for boiling of water reached us absolutely independently, and wasn't adopted at other nationalities though devices similar to a samovar found in ancient China and even Iran.
Now it is possible to buy a samovar Tula in our shop without any problems though in ancient times behind it it was necessary to go to Tula. They became in quite limited quantity therefore they weren't enough for everyone while samovars of other producers weren't in such demand and popularity.
It should be noted that the heating of water in such device was made in the different ways, beginning from a kindling it with charcoal and kerosene, finishing with the modern heating element using electricity. Electric samovars are actual now. Many consider that electric kettles drove a samovar almost completely out of the market of national household subjects, but this opinion is generally wrong. The matter is that Batashev's samovar made with use of an electric heating element brings water to boiling practically for the same time as an electric kettle though thus water in it remains is hotter much more long. It serves as a peculiar thermos and by that is quite convenient and economical.
Also it is possible to find the samovars made in highly artistic style, and painted for every taste in our shop. It will be able to become the real decoration of any house and will help the owners to appreciate traditions of the Russian tea drinking. It will unite all family round itself(himself) in the cold winter evenings, and will bring an element of mysteriousness and a peculiar exclusive at an entertainment of guests.
Now it is possible to buy a samovar Tula not only for own use.

It will be a fine gift to newlyweds and on housewarming, will bring to the new house a cosiness and primordially Russian traditions. Also such souvenir can be presented to inhabitants of the foreign and neighboring countries who visited the country for business or on a visit. He, as well as Russian dolls personifies national culture and as the accordion brings composure. In national culture Batashev's samovar takes a place along with nested dolls, accordions, balalaikas and the Orenburg scarfs. For this reason to give it as a souvenir is not only a good form, but also testifies to patriotism of the donator and his good intentions.
It should be noted that in our shop simply huge choice of various samovars of various design is presented and deck. It won't leave indifferent any judge of beauty and will allow to find a worthy gift at the acceptable price. Thus it is possible to buy a samovar Tula directly with home delivery, by means of the numerous express companies.
Also our shop offers other souvenir goods for the visitors. Among them it is possible to find not only Batashev's samovar, but also down scarfs, decorative plates and Gzhel, nested dolls and other souvenirs. Thus all of them are devoted to scope of national creativity and are bright representatives of the Russian culture and life. Such souvenirs will be always actual in almost any cases and will bring a lot of joy to your family.
On the site of shop it is possible to find contact phones of consultants, or there it is possible to leave the data and the representative of shop will surely contact you in the shortest possible time. He can render consultation concerning any production and will help to buy a samovar Tula in the shortest possible time and without excess delays. Also the consultant can prompt the most convenient payment method and advise a way of delivery of purchase the most convenient for the specific buyer.
Acquiring goods at us, you become involved in Old Russian culture and you support old traditions, and considering that all production is made Russian masters, you also support domestic producer.

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