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Glass holders - a special stand for glass cups. Form Glass holders - cylindrical. It has a special, comfortable handle, so as not to burn your hands when drinking a hot drink.

In the railway sector in our country and the CIS Glass holder Melchior is an indispensable element in the table setting, without it does not pass, no tea. The largest plant for the production of coasters is located in the Vladimir region. It was founded in the nineteenth century one of the merchants Kol'chugina. Nowadays, products are made from brass, gold and silver. Many masters use a procedure called blackening, it helps to give some relief coasters. The finished product is in the process of polishing, and it turns a beautiful sheen. Melchior himself a Glass holder is made with the help of coinage, that is, each tool (stamp) is produced separately. In the case where the Glass holder is made of cupronickel particular person, it is applied by laser engraving. On conventional products is also used laser engraving, for any application - either on the product label.

Coasters made Kol'chugino known to every inhabitant of our great country. And now it is not just made by the standards of the product, and beautifully crafted. Use coasters cupronickel tea party in terms of aesthetics, cultural. As well it will be very original gift a loved one.

Companies that manufacture Glass holders cupronickel, deliver them in different places: in hotels, cafes and restaurants. For exclusive customers, from business people made special Glass holders Kol'chugino engraved and artistic painting, from 925. For most companies or institutions admit products with logos. There's also a product and symbol of our country - with the emblem. That's for sure will be a great gift for law enforcement agencies or authorities.

If you want to do something special, indulge in expensive gift, which will remain a long memory, you can contact our staff. We will help you to make coasters Kol'chugino with initials, signature or family crest. Our developers and designers will realize any of your dreams. After all, no doubt, nickel silver Glass holder with your initials will make you happy. He may enter into the history of your family, and maybe it will become a family heirloom and.

Each of us has a cup holder nickel silver, which resembles - a trip or travel. Where exactly were the first time they, unfortunately, no one knows, but there are many versions about this. The most common version is that in ancient Rus all the women of our land only drank tea from porcelain tableware. But the male used for this glass goblets. Naturally glass while very hot, and keep the glass in his hand was simply not possible. And to make tea drinking for men comfortable and were invented Glass holders cupronickel. As far as this version is true, nobody knows. Still, it continues to be the official one.

For manufacturing coasters cupronickel used many different materials, for example, brass. Great popularity as well Glass holders had come together. As already mentioned above, for special persons use silver as a material.

The trains more often used Kol'chugino Glass holders. But hardly any of us had - or thought, why in the train they got so popular. The thing is that in the old days, when there was no radio, no TV, coasters cupronickel were excellent subject for advertising. And this is not surprising, because the trains have always been popular, and even in those days, every day they drove hundreds of people. That's why you can safely say that the Glass holder Melchior - the engine of trade.

To date, Glass holders Kol'chugino sold only in specialized stores. Our shop also sells coasters cupronickel from reputable manufacturers. We also restore and kollektsioniruya them for over 10 years. Initially, our store was the only among the online stores in this area. Now we use the best-known and most popular among the rest. We have a "site", you can easily order what you like. If you are interested in rare products, leave a request on our site "site" and as soon as we receive the necessary information, we will contact you. You can order anything you want. And Glass holders cupronickel with the signatures and initials. Everyone can think about it in advance and contact us with ready-made sketch. Our specialists will realize any of your ideas.

The site interface is clear and attractive, and no doubt will be able to understand it all, even an inexperienced user. Just about the items you like, you can leave your comments on our website.

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