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Musical cathedrals

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Presented in this section, musical cathedrals are unique works of arts and crafts. These councils are made masters of their craft and painted a graphic designer in the Russian folk style.
These carved wooden figures, a height of about 20 centimeters each depicting famous Russian churches. Among them you can see and St. Basil's Cathedral and Saviour on Spilled Blood and many others.
The principle of operation of the temple of music is the same as that of the music box. To the cathedral began to play a melody, it is necessary to start it with a special key. When fully wound melody can be played for a hundred seconds. Then again winding is required it. While playing music, drum music cathedral rotates on its axis, showing the beauty of the wooden church from all its sides.
Rotating drum and painted in accordance with the thematic focus souvenir. There may be dashing trio of horses harnessed to the sled, and the sights of St. Petersburg, and the motives of Russian folk tales, and a bright-painted in traditional folk styles.
Such musical cathedrals become a wonderful souvenir for your foreign friends. They will come to the delight of such a manifestation of the "Russian exotics" and they will show off at home.
In addition to foreign friends, you can please the music cathedrals and fellow countrymen. They will also be able to appreciate the beauty of these products. Even if your friend does not differ particularly ardent patriotism, he still will like such a gift.

Benefits musical cathedrals
-Original Souvenir or gift for any celebration was;
- Buy Music Cathedral can be directly on our website.

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