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Boxes with lacquer miniature

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Boxes with lacquer miniature is not just a storage case anything happened. It is also an independent and self-sufficient work of art. Presented in this section, boxes made of natural wood by the best masters of Russia.
A special multi-layer lacquer coating makes these boxes even more attractive due to the fact that creates a shiny surface of the product. In addition, such a coating provides a mouthwatering box of antique patina. What makes these products perfect gift for lovers of antiques. And just a great souvenir.

Why do I need to buy a box of lacquer miniature
Hand-painted and covered with a special lacquer wooden boxes will be an amazing gift for a birthday or any other holiday. They are perfect for gift giving not only women but also men. Say, for storage signets, chains or studs.
By themselves, these boxes are also a unique gift. But better, of course, to the donation inside lay something no less charming and unique than the box.
Inside these products are upholstered with red cloth, which makes them even more attractive, elegant and presentable. In this box is not ashamed to store and jewelry and trinkets dear to the heart, and even secret correspondence, if this is the place to be these days exceptional technological progress.

Advantages of boxes with lacquer miniature:
-Unique Souvenir;
Great clear coat gift for lovers of antique and poluantikvarnyh things;
-Ideal For presenting expensive and original gifts;
- The quality of the materials from which they are made caskets;
- Author's hand-painted and tech processing of each box.

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